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We offer our Customers and Clients the highest quality when it comes to custom embroidery in London.  We service both your personal and professional custom embroidery needs with focus on giving you the up most in customer service.

We provide all your embroidery needs.  We are able

to digitize your logo or design so that you can have

it stitched out on a wide range of items.  We can

make your items personal.

78 Napoleon Drive

London, ON  N5V 4A9


Tel: 519.951.9181

My Services

Gift Ideas 
Whether it be for a new baby, birthday, baptism, Christmas or a retirement we have some great ideas to help you out.  Vinyl now available for just about everything!
What We Do
Embroidery is the art form of decorating an item by sewing a design onto it with thread.  We offer customized work to your specifications and believe that a positive start will make for a great working relationship.

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