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customized embroidery

Embroidery Philosophy

We have an unwavering philosophy that we want our customers to be happy and satisfied with their embroidery order.
We believe and understand that all orders are important and that in some cases they are very personal and meaningful.  We do our best to provide exceptional work that our customers would be happy to show to their family and friends and even be proud to represent their business.
 We offer our customers and clients the highest quality when it comes to custom embroidery in London .  We  service both your personal and professional custom embroidery needs with focus on giving you the up most  in customer service.  We will work with you to make your ideas a reality, keeping in mind that your satisfaction is what makes us successful. 

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Most Common Embroidery Questions Answered!


I have tried to answer some of the most common questions about embroidery and how it works with our service. 

What is the First Step?


The first step is for us to create a digitized file of your logo from your artwork.  A file is necessary so that my embroidery machines can read the stitches and know where to and what to stitch.  I make a mirror image of your logo but in stitch form so my machines know what colours to use, when to use them, when to change colours and what type of stitch to use. 

I charge a flat fee for a small logo (left chest and cap) of $30.

For a medium logo (up to 7" wide) I charge a flat fee of $40.

For a large logo (8" x 10" ) I would have to give you a quote. 

How long does embroidery take?

One or two items:

Depending on work load, I could finish your job within a couple of days.  It will depend on the complexity and the availability of the items needed to do the job. 

Multiple Items:

I schedule my larger orders on a 10 day turn around.  Sometimes this will change and be less, sometimes more.  It will depend on the current workload. 

What if I just need embroidered text, names or numbers?

We have a wide range of fonts or letter styles available to choose from or if you have a special font you would like to use, we will do our best to recreate that.

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Do you allow me to supply my own items to embroider?

For sure! however....we cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur to the garments.  The suppliers we use have tested their products thoroughly with the different decorating options and have proven that their products can stand up in the manufacturing process of decorating. 

Items that you bring to me must be clean and free of dirt and odor.  They must be in 'like new' condition. 


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