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Anything you may have; shirt, tie, jacket, cap, blanket,etc. we can personalize for you.  Teams, clubs and organizations are some that we service. 


Customer Supplied Items Disclaimer


Thank you for considering us for your next embroidery project. We do not intend to scare you away with this disclaimer but we do want to make you aware that sometimes, accidents happen.

With that said, our business is selling and embroidering garments and other items.

We are happy to embroider customer-supplied items but we cannot be responsible for accidental damage to said items. Embroidery machines can be very fickle and although rare, will sometimes eat items being embroidered.

Also rare but possible, we may make a mistake with a color or embroidery placement.

If we have supplied the item, we will replace it, but we cannot replace items that we have not sold.

Thank you for understanding.



If you can't find what you are looking for on our website please contact us and we can source it! No order is too large or too small and there are no minimum orders whether they are personalised or not!  


We offer custom embroidery and apparel for the London and surrounding area


We are committed to our customers by giving them exceptional customer service, excellent product and superior value.


We guarantee our work; but like everything else quality work takes the appropriate time and planning.  We commit to a quick but realistic turn around time for all our orders.


  • Embroidery clearly gives a higher perceived value

  • High quality look & feel

  • 3 Dimensional look literally pops out

  • Embroidery you can create a more professional look which will last longer than the inks used in screen printing







If you've ordered custom embroidery before you've probably heard the word "digitizing".  What is digitizing?  Digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a stitch file that can be read by an embroidery machine and interpreted as different stitch types.  


Is digitizing a "one step", click the button process?  No!


This fee is a "one time" cost of $30 and may be added to your order based on the design or logo to be sewn. 

We can put embroidery and embroidered logos on just about anything


A large percentage of left chest and ball cap size logos will fall in the 5500-10,000 stitch columns. If you would like us to help you with a more detailed quote please send us an email. You can start your project by browsing our supplier catalogues located below for that awesome piece of apparel or you can bring me your own.  Give me a call with any of your questions or concerns


Custom Patch Order 

We make the process of ordering embroidered patches easy! We believe that your experience should be simple and straight forward, and we continue to improve the ease of ordering custom patches.

Custom Patch Marketing Ideas

  1. Attach them to winter hats or baseball caps.

  2. Turn them into magnets.

  3. Create logo tote bags.

  4. Add some flair to socks.

  5. Attach them to t-shirts.

  6. Turn them into pins.

  7. Give away patches with iron-on backings.

custom made patches - Middy Embroidery | London, ON
customized embroidery on Business Shirt
customized embroidery on Stockings
customized embroidery Business Logo
customized embroidery hats
customized embroidery bags
customized embroidery dish clothes
customized embroidery t-shirts
customized embroidery soccer jacket
Personalized Notebook Cover



With a large number of distributors at our fingertips we are certainly able to find the specific item that you are looking for.  Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help source it for you. 

tape measure

01     Westmount Distributors Inc.


Our Mission
Westmount Distributors Inc. is proud to be our customers' "complete sportswear and sporting goods distributor". 


02    Sanmar Canada


Your one stop for all your apparel needs. 

03   Alphabroder


Great selection of apparel for all types of businesses.

04   S&S Canada


The leading Canadian supplier of premium apparel and accessories for over 45 years.

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