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Kimberly Middaugh

78 Napoleon Drive

London, ON  N5V 4A9

Tel:  519.951.9181


customized emrbroidery

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 I have found over the years that it was becoming somewhat difficult at times to find items that had my children's names personalized on them. 


With our diverse society, finding items with different ethnic names, different spellings and different languages was difficult to say the lest and almost impossible.  

My children and grandchildren have very unique names, so I decided to start a business,

Middy Embroidery, so I didn't have to worry about finding someone or somewhere to personalize items for me.   Out of that I found that a large number of my friends and family were having the same problem.   

Let Middy Embroidery help you to personalize your children's, grandchildren's or even your own items with names, dates or your business logo. 


In business since 2005, we have come to be the leader in both customer service, and quality workmanship.  Contact us today !

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